The Culture Show goes camping

The test installation in Glamorgan has not only been incredibly useful for the creative and production teams to work on how the final camps will look. It has also given Artichoke the opportunity to preview the event to The Culture Show, BBC Two’s flagship cultural programme.

As luck would have it, there was not a spot of rain in sight on Monday, when presenter Cerys Matthews arrived to interview Fiona Shaw and Mel Mercier, and to hear an exclusive preview of Mel’s soundscape – in sharp contrast to the weather in Glamorgan a few days before!

The Culture Show filming at Peace Camp

Of course, given that Peace Camp is a night time event, we had to wait for long after the sun had gone down before filming could commence at the site. With an hour to go until midnight, the crew set up an atmospheric picnic in front of the glowing encampment as the setting for Cerys and Fiona’s interview.

Fiona and Cerys find a perfect spot for a picnic.

By this time, the pair had been engaged in passionate discussions about Peace Camp and their favourite poets for over two hours, and now had to do it all again for the cameras. And yet, Fiona was still able to keep up the momentum and enthusiasm throughout the short interview, before Cerys headed off into the tents to interview Mel, whilst a haunting arrangement of poetry drifted through the tents.

Cerys Matthews takes in Peace Camp

The Peace Camp segment will go out on The Culture Show, Wednesday 18th of July. Catch it on BBC2 at 10pm.